Hi, my name is Judith . . .

I am a SOMAtic eco and expressive therapist, So*Journ guide and facilitator, and weaver of sacred dance and truth. My dynamic journey into the body has become a most beloved part of my service to the whole, as I surrender to the hidden jewels that lie within the mantra *Let your Heart break you open*. My process is deep and rich and has helped me to transcend my experience of suffering — enhancing my talents and intuitive abilities, and helping me to shape the vessel by which I guide others. 

I have had the honor of assisting others in many different environments and of various ages. These experiences have enriched my life and catapulted my own spiritual growth, providing me with a wide array of adventures — especially the ability to observe the incredible resilience of the soul.  

I have a deep love of the earth and the way she communicates to us through her natural rhythms and cycles, and I believe that our bodies are intimately interwoven into the fabric of her movements. By listening to the ways through which our own bodies communicate, we uncover a vast inner dimension of creative potential. Through my own ongoing journey both within and with others, I craft grounded practices to assist us in dancing into these dimensional shifts with as much integrity and delight as possible. My deep honoring and passion for ALL aspects of light, including shadows, assist us in dissolving deeply-held fears embedded in our collective field. I have a passion for creating new and fresh ways of perceiving ourselves and the unfoldment of All That Is. I also have a deep love of authentic sharing — creating a protective space — where all aspects of ourselves ‘body, mind, heart and spirit’ are felt and held in deep reverence and grace. (Feel free to explore Judith’s blog for her own personal reflections and sharing.)

"Judith radiates love and acceptance and understanding…. in other words, she is her True Self. She is graceful and grateful in her words and actions, which is infectious.” ~Cathy C.


First, we listen.

We’ll begin ... by creating a nourishing space for you to share so that we can deepen our understanding of your hopes, dreams and visions. We’ll also highlight your passions, as well as your fears and challenges.  

Then, we master.

Together ... we’ll uncover your purist intention so we can fully illuminate YOU and your heart's path. Then we'll explore the power of breath, presence (body or soma awareness), and other forms of creative expression, to help unveil your truest and most vibrant self.  

Lastly, we liberate.

What we set free ... purifies and revitalizes your life force. We’ll create an inner sanctuary to help you imbue and embody a deeper love and reverence for yourSelf. A sacred space of sweet re-union and welcoming home. 

“Working with Judith has helped me to make changes in my life that I never thought were possible… As I have navigated the unknown waters of self-reflection and growth for the past few years, Judith has been a steady guide always encouraging, supportive, empathetic, and insightful.” – J.L.


I am licensed as a therapist with a specialization in Trauma and have served in a variety of healing roles over the past 29 years. I am also certified in Usui Reiki, Vinyasa Yoga, and LifeForce Yoga ® as well, and have completed a Masterclass Intensive in Light Language — a very deep passion of mine that continues to unfold. These skills have all enhanced my holistic approach to wholeness and harmony and my ability to hold a safe, creative and compassionate container for my clients.

During my years as a licensed practitioner, I was guided to integrate more and more of the energy healing, somatic, and body-oriented therapies into my private practice — noticing quicker healing cycles and deeper integration for those experiencing trauma. I have observed individuals suddenly experiencing a profound release and blossoming into their true and authentic self. This has been deeply inspiring as I continue weaving together the fields of psychology and spirituality into our collective and into my service with others.

Sessions with my clients have become more akin to a dance of re-integration — a re-union of body, mind, heart and spirit. A place where their body's Intelligence becomes our guide which paves the way toward their ever-expanding wholeness. To observe my clients surrender and trust in their body's innate wisdom has been such a heartfelt gift. As they've allowed me to bear witness to their pain and trust in their process, my faith and trust in Life, and in my own process, has deepened beyond anything I could have imagined.

And for that, I am profoundly grateful ...

Disclaimer: While I only offer my psychotherapy services to those who live within the Lehigh Valley or surrounding areas, I am presently transitioning to expand this service through a Telehealth portal as well. I would love to support you, so please check my website regularly for any updates. That being said, I reserve the right to assess whether or not Telehealth services are appropriate to meet your unique needs. Please review and sign the attached forms before our initial session. Telehealth Forms

The balance of my services ARE NOT "psychotherapy" and DO NOT fall under my psychotherapy license. These services are for those who already feel highly functional, and are drawn to deeper spiritual embodiment and somatic practices and together creating The Sacred. Please review and sign the attached forms before our initial session. Intake Screening Form and Waiver

If you are unsure which of my services best meets your needs, please feel free to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

From Trauma to Tantra!

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