“I hope you will go out and let stories happen to you, and that you will work them, water them with your blood and tears and your laughter till they bloom, till you your self burst into bloom.” ~Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Welcome to this sacred temple of awe and wonder. A space of Divine ecstasy and intoxicating sweetness. Where lines become blurred and colors experienced as blissful reverberant light vibrations. A space where soft emanations move ever so slowly across your skin with an indescribably eloquent sustenance that permeates every cell of your body. As you softly surrender into this space, immerse yourself into your senses and sip the delicate fragrance of Life into your being. Breathe into this inner-sense of Divine Oneness. Merge into and become the sacred dance of all that is.

Notice in the distance a glorious shadow slowly emerging. As it draws nearer, feel into its transcendence through time and space. Softly surrender into its delicate whisper “May I have this Dance?”  

Slowly and sweetly sense your sacred dance of shadow unfolding, immersing you in ecstatic joy and playful exuberance. Feel your innocence as your body breathes in the sanctity of the pure wonder and delight of Creation. Breathe and pause, tasting the sweet nectar of these precious moments.

Continue to expand your perceptions. Sense and feel the deep interconnectedness of all that exists. Where boundaries of time and space dissolve naturally. Where frequencies of shadow and light burst into One and become the most glorious and exuberant Divine luminescence imaginable. Where the richness of each moment, of each breath breaks the illusion of separateness, and the vibration of joy and rapture fills every single solitary space with an invigorating love song of Light Language. Breathe into this sacred pause until you become the in-breath… the out-breath.

Feel your body become a sacred chalice of endless bliss. Re-member your Divine Sovereignty. Breathe in your unique essence of Spirit. Dance in deep reverence through all dimensions of Light. Hear the Divine music and sacred silence. Sense the Divine Breath and the Face of Creator/Creatrix.  

Breathe in the glory and Light, the sweet soft sanctity of all you have ever meant in the eyes and heart of this loving Presence. Rest now in the Pure Divinity of your Heart, emanating in Divine Oneness, your radiant jewel nestled within the magnificent treasure chest of the One Sacred Heart.  

Breathe and pause… All is well. You are Home.  

We are all Hohm.

Wheeling about in wonder... by Linda Gionti

at the sweet rolling trills of winter wren come to sing its heart out directly overhead, in the numinous hush under the hemlock grove enveloped in mist, within swirling drifts of tangerine leaves flirting with sunlight against grey sky.  

Drawn to the source of each chipping call every flutter of wings— how can I not look, as goldfinch loops across the sky, I whirl around, bending backward to look straight up …  

at bright yellow bird swooping lazily folding wings, arcing downward opening wings, sweeping upward singing in rhythm, with its flight. I must tell you this— how delicious it is to be drinking deeply of this life wide-eyed, slack-jawed, so grateful to find myself alive another day here  

where sometimes the light shifts, time expands a threshold is crossed— forces seen and unseen conspire to make the divine and earth one.  

(excerpt © Linda Gionti 2011) We’Moon 2017

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