My intention for creating this page was to share my list of resources, though as the words flowed through me, it became one of acknowledgments as well. I've separated this page into 3 aspects of ourselves according to their healing impact, though as we know, these facets are all divinely interwoven.  

With deep gratitude to all - seen and unseen, human and other than human - who have offered the infinite resources of love, patience, wisdom and support along my journey. Perhaps those of you visiting this page will find something of synchronistic value here as well. 

And to all who have crossed my path, who are not included on this page, know that the language of my heart is speaking in silent words of reverence through all time and space.  

"To love ourselves and support each other in the process of becoming real is perhaps the greatest single act of daring greatly.” – Brene Brown


John Bradshaw

John Bradshaw was one of my first male teachers in 1988, a time in my life when I became more conscious of my spiritual path. His work offers a deep exploration into your family dynamics and how they may have impacted you and your life. His loving and strong male presence and perspective can help you heal unresolved childhood trauma, especially related to masculine wounding, so that you can more fully embrace your child-like joy and wonder.

Harville Hendrix, Ph.D. & Helen LaKelly Hunt, Ph.D.

Imago therapy (Latin word for imaging) is a relational therapy that teaches you to hold intimate loving space in your partner relationships. You learn how your own childhood wounding, as well as your partner’s, may be keeping your relationship from flourishing. This therapy teaches you grounded ways of communicating to enhance relational safety and connection in a more loving way.

Shakti Gawain

Shakti Gawain’s work helps expand your perceptions of reality through a grounded step-by-step process. In a nourishing and loving way, she helps you discern between your mind’s chatter and your strong intuitive guidance. She has created guided meditations to help you more fully embody and expand your imagination and live in the light.

Carl Jung, Ph.D.

Carl Jung’s passionate leadership and pioneer work is vast and includes the field of synchronicity, depth psychology, archetypes, shadows and so much more. His teachings and books have helped tremendously in expanding the field of traditional psychology and synthesizing it with more spiritual concepts. His work can help you more easefully bridge these two worlds.

Brene Brown, Ph.D.

Brene Brown is a leader in the research of shame and vulnerability. She has many books and creative programs to help you understand and more fully embody these human experiences. She is very authentic, humble and light-hearted, and what I find especially liberating are the deep belly laughs that she evokes during her Ted Talks (listed below) when sharing about topics that "no one wants to talk about".

Melissa Greczy

Melissa Greczy is a devoted teacher who is dedicated to helping Lightworkers expand their business through the path of the heart. She is passionate about her work which helps to uplift you through the entire process, balancing her gifts of grounded practicality with her impeccable creativity. Melissa is also gifted in website design and computer technology. I am grateful for her patience and exquisite eye for beauty in the co-creation of my website’s second birth.


Shirley MacLaine

Shirley MacLaine has a powerful female presence. She helps you more fully embrace your WILD nature and shed layers of fear and shame about other’s perceptions of you. She created many transformative meditations. I found her Chakra, as well as her Love and Forgiveness meditations to be particularly nourishing as they helped create a tender loving space to reclaim my projections.

Rochelle Schieck

Rochelle Schieck is a passionate, loving and powerful teacher and healer. She created Qoya “a movement system based on the idea that through movement, we remember”. She is devoted to helping you more fully embody your true essence, which she shares is “Wise Wild and Free”. Her movement practices are loving, transformative, and gently invite ALL parts of you to feel Sacred. Our ceremonial sessions and her trust in my process were extremely liberating.

Lilly Wong

Lilly Wong is a masterful teacher of Light Language who has devoted her life to integrate stellar consciousness into Gaia, imbuing deep multi-layer healing throughout the world. She has designed many programs and meditations to help you safely and lovingly embrace and embody your multidimensionality. Her sacred masculine Masterclass Intensive in Light Language has had a huge transformative impact in my life as I continue to heal from my masculine wounding.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D.

Clarissa Pinkola Estes is a powerful teacher and storyteller who has a strong female presence. She helps you re-integrate disowned parts of your psyche through myths, archetypes and poetry. Her books and audiobooks can help heal deep soul wounds, creating a sacred space for your Wise and Wild self to re-emerge. Her sense of humor and devotion has deeply inspired my journey in reclaiming my authenticity.

Peter Levine, Ph.D.

Peter Levine is widely renowned in the psychology field for his groundbreaking research and work with trauma. He developed the Somatic Experiencing ® method, which he describes in detail in his book called “Waking the Tiger: Healing Trauma”. His work helps expand your knowledge of the Intelligence of the body, both human and animal, and was inspired by his own personal journey through a traumatic event, offering grounding and safe practices for deep healing. His shaking method has greatly assisted in my own release of trauma and has inspired the birth of the Shaking Dance within my offerings.

Linda Kohanov, Ph.D.

Linda Kohanov is a powerful teacher and healer in the field of trauma. She created Eponaquest, devoting her life to helping horses heal, and then training them to work as co- facilitators with humans. She and her horses hold transformative workshops that offer you deep heart and soul healing in a safe environment. She has written several books to help bridge the worlds of spirituality and psychology, expanding your knowledge of “sentient communication”. I feel blessed for the deep healing and reclamation of my shamanic gifts that I received during her Horse Sense for the Human Heart workshop. 


Richard Rudd

Richard Rudd is a masterful spiritual teacher and poet who received downloads in the early 2000’s of a deeply sacred and complex cosmology. These 64 Gene Keys are a grounded living wisdom for you to integrate into your daily life, and they include 3 states of consciousness – shadow, gift, siddhi. Richard’s deeply poetic nature provides a loving and safe portal for your heart to open, and his presence is both powerful and tender, helping to create a deep inner knowing that All is Well. I’m grateful for the expanded knowledge and healings I received through his many heartfelt teachings. 

Peter Tongue

Peter Tongue is a powerful teacher and guide who is devoted to the path of healing. He has an intuitive sense about your needs, and he exudes a very grounding and loving male presence. His gifts and services are vast and include a deep understanding of the alchemical process. I’ve been blessed to receive Gene Keys readings from him for both my natal and my website charts, as well as energy healing sessions from both him and Zia who offer these services together. Zia is a loving and devoted guide and healer who has many profound gifts. She exudes a patient and trusting presence that is rich in ceremony and rooted connection. I’m very grateful for her expertise, support and encouragement in the co-creation of my website's first birth and for several of the temple photos.

Rosy Aronson, Ph.D.

Rosy Aronson is a radiant, sensitive and compassionate teacher, guide, and artist who has a loving, wise and creative spirit. She has devoted her life to spreading Universal Love across the planet through her multifaceted programs and unwavering presence of unconditional acceptance. Rosy is able to hold sacred space for you no matter what need you bring to her, and one of her favorite mantras is “permission-giving”. She has an ability to see your light through your most challenging aspects and experiences. I am forever grateful to Rosy for helping me reclaim my love and gift of dance through ALL spectrums of light, including shadow.

Crystal Heinemann

Crystal Heinemann is a vibrant and powerful psychic, teacher and healer whose sole purpose is to assist you to ascend with joy, ease and grace. She is deeply gifted and intuitive and holds sacred and loving space to uplift your spirit and heal your soul, and she offers many empowering services to assist you along your spiritual journey. The psychic readings and healings I received from Crystal have been life-changing and have helped me embrace my most cherished soul aspects, awe and wonder, in a sweet, loving and honoring way.

Dr. Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó

Beatrix Czeizel and Anikó Greskó are brilliant, sensitive, kind and humble teachers, healers and guides who radiate a most expansive heart vibrational presence. They have devoted their lives to help our collective ascend and to lovingly anchor stellar consciousness into Gaia. Their heartfelt gifts, books and guided meditations are gentle, expansive and grounded, and their powerful books Stellar Nations – Soul Families and the accompanying Antares Code ®, take you on a deep and magical journey of reclaiming your beloved galactic roots. Leslie Shankman has been devoted to expand this sacred cosmology into the United States. She shares her incredible talent of analysis to help you integrate your Antares Code ®, and she provides this service through both individual as well as group zoom calls. (Feel free to contact Leslie at leslie.shankman@comcast.net for more information). I am deeply grateful for their light, love and joy in my life, in the world and in the cosmos.

Daniel Foor, Ph.D.

Daniel Foor is an incredible teacher and guide who has dedicated his life mission to relational healing through nature-based practices and ceremonies, working primarily through his expertise in animism and ancestral healing. He helps expand your perception of reality while maintaining a grounded and heart-based male presence. He has created many programs and support groups to assist you in ancestral healing and in re-connecting with your wise and well human and other than human ancestors. His knowledge is extensive which he has gathered through his professional as well as his personal journey.

I wanted to create a special place to acknowledge all of you who I’ve had the honor to share my life with in an even more intimate way. With Deep Gratitude:

To all the souls I’ve been blessed to serve — you are some of my greatest and dearest teachers!! I feel SO blessed to hold sacred space for you as others hold sacred space for me in this powerfully creative dance of ONEness!

To my dear sister and soul sister, Jill, and to all my familial ancestors! For our shared journeys through more lifetimes than I can imagine. For challenging me to move beyond my limitations. For breaking my heart open to receive even more love. For adding so much joy in my life. For helping me to remember my sweetest, most wild, courageous, and cherished soul parts!

To my amazing and dear friends, and to all my powerful sisterhoods and healing circles — WOW! For the most incredible wild ride! For the endless fun and laughter. For loving me through some of the most messy and joyful times imaginable. For our many years of gathering together in sacred ceremony and celebration…

And finally, to my best friend and confidant, Miwa, my beloved cat and greatest teacher, who forever teaches me about unconditional love, tenderness, strength, sensitivity, and joy— and to fully and wholeheartedly sip in the sweet essence of each and every moment.  

**In loving memory … “Dearest Miwa – while you flew through the veils of light during the second trimester birth of my website, you gifted me with the most precious heart burst of love and resilience. Thank you, dear one. You are pure delight. As we continue our sacred work together …”